Sunday, August 30, 2009

Message from the Angels

Blessings on this beautiful day. Today we are here with a message of hope. We see many of you swimming in the sea of life. Some of you are being swept out into the waves and enjoying the long as you continue to dance with the water and feel the flow you float on the sea being carried by the current. As you are moved you are swept to just the perfect place...You are amazed at the synchronicities. You are meeting amazing people, being given fabulous opportunities. You have learned to let go of the ego desires, beliefs, illusions. You have learned to surrender to the Divine Flow of the Universe. You have learned to stay present, living in the NOW.

Yet, some of you beautiful beings of Love and Light are not feeling in the flow. Fear has you flailing in the sea of life. Fear and illusion has you trapped in your desire to control the flow. But we ask you, "Can you really control the sea?" You are exhausting yourself with your efforts. We encourage you to let go! Let go of the need to control. Let go of the way things should be. Let go of the need for retribution. Let go of the manipulation and desire for your way.

We laugh on this side of the veil. We are striving so hard for your way thinking you know best. Trying to get your way. Not realizing that all this struggle is not the way the Divine Blueprint was to work. Struggle is not necessary with Flow. For those two things are contradictory. Struggle drains your energy and leaves you lifeless. Flow energizes you from the fullness of Life that is carrying you. So flow dear ones!

Let the Eternal carry you. Take action when the opportunities present themselves. You do not have to "make" opportunities happen. Follow the desires of your heart. They will carry you to places you cannot dream of. Give yourself daily to joy, to bliss.

In this way you love yourself. In this way you connect to universal love and feel supported by the Divine and the All That Is.

In love.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

August channeling

Many of us from the angelic realm look upon you and see wariness. We see the inner experience that you are experiencing--the experience of feeling exhausted--from the lessons that you have been walking through. Yet you are holding on to the LIGHT. You are feeling that changes are coming. You are dedicating yourself to the energies which are flowing rapidly to move you into new areas.

This is true. This is real. You are being given (rather giving yourselves) new possibilities, new opportunities.

Now more than ever you are being called into opportunities to create synergistic partnerships which will support you in creating new and/or larger platforms of people for you to serve! The openings you have desired are ready to meet your direction action! When this happens your energetic efforts will propel you further than ever a shorter amount of time.

Many of you are giving up old ways of making a living...finding new ways to pursue your passions. There is a massive shift that is occurring in the world. People are moving out of the old and into new places. These shifts are creating places for YOU! You are going into places where your vibration is necessary! Yet these places are also rewards for your willingness to be of service to the Light.

Your graciousness in receiving these gifts should be received with heartfelt gratitude. This space of gratitude is really an opening for the universe to bless you with even more! So feel the wonder of all you are receiving....

We love you....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Message from the Angels


The movement has begun. Many of you have been waiting for the energies to shift so that you could step into your own power and your place in the leadership as the new earth is being born. We are here to say to you that the time is now. There is no more waiting. It is time to wear your cloaks of power and confidence and step fully into the present. The gates are open and NOW is the time for you to play your part in the great shift that is occurring.

We see your hearts...we know your desires. There are those that are plugging into the law of attraction, others into soul aligned business, others into saving the earth, others into consciousness teachers. All of this advances the consciousness of the planet. All of this serves the soul and the souls on the planet. Yet, we want to remind you that NONE of it is more important than your own connection with Source.

As you are serving the planet, do not forget that your primary focus must not be on the doing, but rather on your relationship with the Divine. Your love affair with Source and ultimately yourself is the reason you are here. It is because of this great connection with the All That IS is the reason you have awakened into a greater sense of sharing/offering in the world. Yet, your mission will be empty if you do not set your relationship with Source as primary!

We love you,

Monday, June 1, 2009

Message from the Angels

There is much confusion in your world.  Companies are declaring bankruptcy and many of you are impacted by the economic conditions.  You are having the opportunity to examine how you have misplaced your values and your priorities.  How have you used your energy?

Have you used your energy to invest in things that are temporary or those that are lasting?  

We pass no judgment.  But we invite you to look at how you have invested your time and energy. Are you feeling a sense of fulfillment as all falls away?  For a sense of peace within your being as you go through shifts is a sign that you have invested in the soul, not the world. 

We are not suggesting that you cannot be prosperous and abundant and enjoy the riches of this world...What we are suggesting is that you cause yourself pain when you are attached to these things and if they fall away, you move into a space of fear.  This is an indication of your values, your priorities.  

We encourage you to focus on the breathe, to allow, to become the observer of yourself.  Allow yourself to be where you are!  Feel into that feeling and surrender to it!  

If you are feeling fear, let it come up so that you can take a long hard look at it!  In this way you give your soul a chance to respond and correct this fear which will align it back into Light. 

We love you!
The Angelic Realm

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Message from the Angels

Beauty is what we see within you.  Beauty of the Light you carry.  Beauty is in your heart. Beauty is what you create.  

When you close yourself off to the Light, you cut off the ability to create Beauty and instead you receive chaos.  In the reality you call life, many of you grew up in families in which chaos was considered normal.  Now as you have grown up you continue to create lives of chaos!  

When life seems boring you look for ways to excite your life.  You seem to be fed by stirring up situations that bring out the stimulation you crave.  You lack the ability to be grateful for the peace within.  Your addiction to the chaos drowns out the Beauty you could create.

We ask you today to examine how you might bring more Peace, more Beauty in your life.  

Beauty is a by-product of the Light.  Yet, you withhold it from yourself.  We invite you to welcome beauty into your life.  Welcome the opportunity to see life from a set of eyes that see only love.  As you read this we are offering you the opportunity to be downloaded with an energy that will assist you in aligning with Beauty.  First you must recognize what Beauty is! This is the gift we offer today.

Say "Yes!"  Open and receive.  Feel the energies that are available to you now!  

We love you,
The Angelic Realm

Friday, May 29, 2009

Message from the Angels

Breathe and feel yourself connect fully to this moment.  Notice how you become present with yourself.  As you become present you notice that you can bring your energy back to you.  You may have been concerned about a broken toilet, a child's activities, communication with a partner or boss, financial challenges.  None of those things are to be resolved NOW! 

When you are fully present you let go of all those ideas and instead come into the fullness of NOW!  When you are fully present you are fully connected to the Source that is within you.

So Breate.  Connect with Source.  Connect with Life.  

From this place of Centeredness, move forward...flow with Life.  

We love you,
The angelic realm

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Message from the Angelic Realm



It is simple isn't it? This one ability keeps you attached to the physical. Breath connects you to the body and when it ceases you join us!

Honor your breath. Honor that this connection allows you to be a spiritual being with a body.

As you breath and breath deeply and slowly, connect to your body and ground yourself in the physical plane. It is through the breath you are quickly able to connect with your Divinity and be fully present in the totality of your I AM presence.

You can then take this feeling of joy, of love, of completeness, of peace, of wholeness, of abundance into next moments of your life.

If you find yourself disconnected....remember BREATHE.

It really is that easy! Breath!

We love you~